Brown Hair

What's the difference between raw hair and virgin hair?

Raw hair


Raw hair is hair that is collected from one or more donors, raw hair bundles are from one donor are the most sought after for their exclusivity and quality. Raw hair suppliers only collect hair from donor with healthy unprocessed hair. True raw hair only comes natural straight, wavy and curly patterns. 100% raw hair has only been washed, deep conditioned, bundled, and sold once it has been cut from the donor's head. Raw hair is often chosen for most highlighted or colored hairstyles for its ability to easily go from natural color to 613 blonde and keep its luster and bounce.

Virgin Hair


Virgin hair has been chemically or steam processed to achieve the desired curl pattern. Virgin hair has a more uniformed look ,due to every single bundle has been manufactured to look the same way. In addition to the hair being more uniformed the treatment also makes the hair slightly more manageable. Virgin hair does not need to be flat ironed as much. Kacia Bre Collection only uses highest-quality virgin hair.


What Is the Origin Of The Hair?

Kacia Bre Collection's virgin hair is of Chinese and Indonesian origin and my raw hair is of Burmese, Cambodian, Indian, and Vietnamese origin.


What's the longevity of my unit?

Kacia Bre Collection units usually last between 2-4 years with proper care and maintenance. Please see my "Hair Tips" section for washing and styling tips.

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